During the 1970’s a number of countries entrusted our company with the distribution of their philatelic and numismatic products. 

Over the years, especially after   1985, the emphasis has shifted into the distribution of numismatic products and paper money, due to the gradual decline in stamp collecting and a strong increase in the interest for banknotes and coins. 

Over many years we have distributed large quantities of coins, banknotes and stamps to collectors and the trade. 

Many millions of school children around the world have learnt about numerous different countries through educational schemes to which our company has made major contribution­­­­­­­­­­­­­­s. In today’s competitive markets businesses can find it difficult to find clients for a product; however, in our case the­­­­­ opposite problem exists: obtaining sufficient quantities of banknotes and coins to satisfy the demands of our ever-growing clientele! 

Banknotes have developed into a highly profitable business for many Central Banks which provide the collectors market with paper money which will never be redeemed, thus turning the full difference between the face value and the printing costs into a profit.  ­­ 

We are also able to absorb large quantities of demonetised banknotes and coins which normally would be destroyed without any revenue to the country. In a number of cases, we have been able to purchase these notes and coins providing the countries concerned ­­with hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for these valueless stocks. 

How large are the quantities we can process?

Of the cheaper denominations, we are happy to consider any quantity between ten thousand and fifty million pieces­­­, depending on price and attractiveness. Certain expensive banknotes can only be purchased in smaller quantities of a few hundred notes.

Uncut sheets are also welcome in quantities between  500  and 1.000.000   sheets per note, depending on the face value of the note concerned. 

A banknote obtained by a collector serves as a perpetual ambassador for the country of origin; the average collector shows off his collection to as many relatives, friends and other collectors as possible. The impact of the beautiful designs on peoples’ minds is enormous often interesting them enough to visit that particular country. 

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